Tendonitis treated by steroid

A team of Dutch doctors conducted a survey of 185 people who were divided into three groups.

The first group received injections of corticosteroids for 6 weeks.

The second received a physiotherapy program with sessions of ultrasound, massage and frictional rehabilitation exercises over 6 weeks.

Finally, no special care was given to the third group, used as a control.
 Assessing the health status of patients after six weeks of treatment showed a success rate of 92% for steroids, 47% for physical therapy and 32% in the control group.

These results were very in favor of corticosteroids. However, looking at the longer term after a year, doctors were then observed success rate of 91% for physiotherapy against only 69% for steroids and 83% for no treatment.
 These results are explained by a high recurrence rate in patients treated with corticosteroids.

These preliminary results should be confirmed. It brings the question of getting back too fast to doing sports again after treatment with corticosteroids, once the pain vanishes. The importance of proper rehabilitation is in any case well established.